1650 – One kilo

Here is another sketch of one of our Christmas presents – my sister-in-law bought us lots of goodies including this massive jar of crunch peanut butter. We usually buy peanut butter in comparatively weeny jars…I’m not even sure they sell one kilo jars here in the Philippines. This one is going to last us for months and months!


1649 – Rice wine

Here is another souvenir we brought back from our Baguio trip. Years ago we were lucky enough to drink some delicious rice wine with a farmer in the Cordillera mountains and we thought we’d try it again. Unfortunately this bottle which we bought in the public market in Baguio is only good for cooking with…or stripping paint!


1648 – White roses

Most years I buy flowers for my wife on Valentine’s Day – we bought these together in Baguio and brought them home. I had to sketch them before they died. They were difficult to paint too as they were white, with just a hint of pale green/yellow.


1647 – Tam Awan Village plastic bottle man

Here is my last sketch from our trip to Baguio. On our last day we visited a place called “Tam Awan Village”. There wasn’t a lot there but we did have a nice walk up the hillside and then sat at a viewpoint on the way back where I sketched this. In the foreground on a bamboo pole is a figure made from plastic drinks bottles – it was actually pretty grubby looking but I left it white.


1646 – Kape-an Mt. Kalugong

In the afternoon of our third day in Baguio we first visited the “strawberry fields” – basically a strawberry growing area in the Municipality of La Trinidad and then after that visited Mt. Kalugong nearby. During non-pandemic times there are some nice walks/treks in the area, but at the moment all you can do it take a short walk up the hill to a coffee shop. No complaints of course – we enjoyed nice coffee, great views, a lovely atmosphere (with a massive collection of coffee making stuff) and copious amounts of cake!


1645 – Metal herons at Mount Costa

On the third day of our trip to Baguio we started off by visiting Mount Costa…not really a mountain but rather more like gardens with a few sculptures here and there. It might be difficult to make out this sketch but it’s meant to be two metal herons in a pond – the trees and the bench are reflections. It’s not really a good thing when you have to explain what a sketch is meant to be of though!


1644 – Bencab’s house in the mist

In the afternoon of our first day in Baguio we visited the BenCab museum – BenCab is actually Benedicto Cabrera – a Filipino artist who has been called the best-selling painter of his generation. The gallery included a lot of other artists work and at the bottom of the hill (the gallery spaces step down the hill with many levels) is a garden and coffee shop…which of course we stopped at. This sketch is done from the outside seating of the coffee shop…of the building next door, which may or may not be BenCab’s house! It was super misty down there as well.


1643 – View from Oh My Gulay

On the second day of our trip to Baguio we had lunch in a place called “Oh My Gulay” – which means oh my veggies, a local expression effectively meaning the same as OMG. The restaurant is hidden on top of an anonymous block in the middle of Baguio, but once you reach it you enter a fantastic world of quirky wooden structures, with lots of wonky steps, different levels, art installations and oddball furniture. Aside from this the food was also great and the view…well you can see that from my sketch.


1641 – Filling up at Ranee House of Curry

Last week we finally got out of Manila for a long weekend in Baguio (in the north of Luzon). After a long drive up, a thorough virus screening process and having checked in at the apartment we rented, we had a delicious lunch at the Ranee House of Curry. This sketch is of the unit next door. I had thought it was something to do with maternity, but a quick search on Google showed me that it is another restaurant.