1241 – Overgrown

Here is another belated sketch for #Inktober – this one on the theme of overgrown. I should have really drawn our balcony which is heaving with plants but by the time I got round to drawing, it was dark. So instead this is one of my daughters succulent plants.


1240 – Legend

ACE.1240-LEGEND 191028-2-WM

Here is my sketch for the #Inktober prompt of ‘legend’. Believe it or not this stuffed toy belonging to my daughter, is actually supposed to be a unicorn – a legendary animal. Goodness knows where we got this toy from…but it was fun to draw anyway. To me a unicorn is a mythological animal like a horse with a single horn – apparently they first appears in early Mesopotamian artworks and in Indian and Chinese myths. ¬†However these days a unicorn also means a privately held startup company valued at over $1 billion!


1238 – Dragon box

I have missed a few days sketching and posting, not least because our internet went down for a couple of days. I am also way behind with #Inktober! All the same here is a drawing for the prompt of dragon. This is a wooden box we bought in Bhutan when we used to live there – lovely design…difficult to sketch!


1237 – Another mall

Yesterday I was out in Makati (trying to get my laptop fixed which I am told is a ‘vintage’ MacBook) and sketched this when I stopped for a coffee. This is Gloritetta 4 and I was in Gloriettta 5 …there are so many malls in Makati, you could probably cross the city without going outside.


1236 – The mall …from the mall

You can tell that I’m back in the Philippines because I am sketching inside shopping malls. At least in this one I managed to draw what was out the window. This is Market Market! shopping mall drawn from SM Aura mall. Something went wrong with my perspective on the roofs – but I was pleased with the way the sky came out…it really did look that gloomy!


1234 – Toronto train

I drew this in transit – but not in the departure lounge. The system in Canada means that even if you are on an international connecting flight you have to exit, collect your bags and check in again. Thant meant waiting several hours for the check in desk to open…and only one cafe to sit at. The airport has a light train that connects between terminals (why don’t we have that in Manila?) and the city…but of course it moved too fast for me to draw it!


1233 – Snow cones?

This is my last sketch in the Turks and Caicos Islands (for a while, as I am heading back home….and posting this in transit for a change) – of the airport of course. Despite all the colour – rare in an airport I find – and the minimal amount of ink, I am still following the #Inktober prompts (this one was ‘snow’). As I was drawing this I was wondering if frozen yogurt (which is what Turk-berry sell) is similar to snow cones – I wouldn’t know as I’ve never tried either of them.