#509 – Sad plant

ACE.509-sad plant 170927-2-wm

Here is a sketch I did a couple of days ago, of a rather forlorn plant. We bought little house plants like this for our daughters one Christmas…by some miracle (having been neglected, over-watered and then parched) this one has survived for several years.


#505 – Like Bangkok

ACE.507-like bangkok 170525-2-wm

I finally summoned up the energy to get out today and do a quick sketch. This is of the rooftops where I live – which are done in a fake Thai style…so not really like Bangkok (which is what a passer by said about my drawing)…but at least the architect tried.


#504 – Teapots and gate change

Another sketch on my way home – this one was done at the airport in Hong Kong. I was settled in a nice spot to do a sketch and just about to start when there was a gate change and I had to walk across the whole airport…I still had time to do this sketch at the new gate though…a display cabinet with teapots in it.


#503 – Superman is heartwarming at T3

Here is my last sketch in the UK for a while – as ever at the airport. To explain the title… which is a combination of things that occurred to me while drawing: the guy on the far right was wearing a superman outfit and someone came up to me and said how “heartwarming it was to see someone making something wonderful of a place like this”… I do love sketching in public, especially when people say things like that!


#502 – Couch

Having helped my daughter settle in to her room at University (in Sussex) on Saturday, an old friend kindly let me stay at her nice Victorian house in Brighton overnight. I doodled this while watching a Netflix movie before falling asleep.