774 – Our lady of the abandoned

Here is my last sketch from the Urban Sketchwalk last Saturday. When it started raining heavily we found a sheltered spot – this was all I could see of the statue in front of the church when peeking out from under the shelter. Under her cape you can see some heads poking out.


773 – St. Francis

Here is the second drawing that I did with Urban Sketchers Manila on Saturday. On the right it Sta. Ana Church (also called Our Lady of the Abandoned) and to the left St. Francis High School. I had to rush to finish this before it started raining.


772 – Pink tower

Yesterday I joined Manila Urban Sketchers at Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish (Sat. Ana Church). This is the first drawing I did – it ended up a bit heavier than I like – but it really is that pink colour.


771 – Raining at the barbecue

Here is a sketch I did a few days ago for the Doodlewash prompt of “barbecue” – for 11 June. The barbecue is the black thing – with the rubbish bins placed conveniently next to it. It was raining and gloomy as I drew this – but the pool was shining bright!


769 – On yer bike!

Here is my sketch for the Doodlewash prompt of “bicycle” for Sat 16 June – my cycle helmet. This was pretty difficult to draw because of the complicated shapes, but I also got mixed up between the 3D form and the zig-zag decorations.