992 – Waiting turn

Here is another of my “watching my daughter at gymnastics” sketches. Just for a change she actually appears in this one, waiting her turn to a “back hip circle” on the uneven bars. Just a simple doodle – I liked the angles and shapes the bars and wires formed.


966 – Gym bags and water bottles

Another indicator that I am well and truly back in the Philippines is taking my daughter to her gymnastics class. It seems like most of the kids at the class have the same bags – some sponsorship arrangement or something I think. Anyway that’s nice for me as the repetition presents a good opportunity for sketching. For a change I decided to leave a lot of white areas in this sketch, rather than overdoing the background as I often do.


877 – The chair is there for Gordon

The title of this might seem a bit odd, but as I was sketching the chair to the right I was thinking of my friend Gordon Rice who passed away several years ago. He was a friend of my parents as well but him and I used to visit art exhibitions in London and attended several summer painting classes together. I once showed him a sketch with a chair just like the one in this sketch, that was hanging up on a wall – and he marvelled at the interesting things I always find to draw. I miss him.


869 – Poster girls

So today I was at my daughters gym class and of course had time to kill. Thinking I should draw some of the gymnasts for a change, I spotted some posters and decided to draw them (with all the other gym equipment around) … much easier because they don’t move around!


863 – Blues at gym

After I’d sketched chairs at the coffee shop, I left because they keep the AC way too cold, and had a few moments at my daughters gym class…so I did this one very quickly while waiting. You might notice at the top right there is someone laying on the floor – he seemed to be engrossed in his mobile phone rather than doing some kind of gym exercise.


783 – Waiting for child

This was sketched yesterday while I waited at my daughters gym class. Thinking I would have a snooze in the car while I waited, I decided to sketch instead. I love my new Sailor Fude bent nib pen – it’s more like a brush than a pen! This sketch is also for the prompt of “family moments” for World Watercolor Month. Wed-4-Jul-2018