1509 – Watch

Today, being stuck for something to sketch, I followed the #Melogallery prompt of “watch”. This is the watch I’ve had for about 15 years or more – my wife bought it for me. It has a hybrid kinetic mechanism – the movement charges it. All this time I’ve had it I’ve never had to change the battery.


1508 – Cashing in savings

In the process of packing to go to University, our daughter has counted up her years of savings (all in small denomination coins). She’s taped the coins up in bundles, given them to us and now we have to pay her back in notes! This is just one of her jam jars full of coins.


1507 – Discarded headphones

Our daughter is starting to pack up her stuff to head off to university and these headphones were in her give away pile. We can’t remember where they came from and now the plastic has gone all sticky. I made a few mistakes in the line work of this, but decided to just ignore it and keep going.


1504 – A quick cat

Every time I sketch our cat it has to be quick – although she sleeps a lot during day, while I was sketching this every time I looked up she had got up and reshuffled herself. I don’t mind her sleeping behind my laptop but she’s in the habit of stretching out every now and then and pushing my laptop off the desk.


1503 – One I liked earlier

No doubt many sketchers suffer from this, but yesterday I was quite pleased with how my sketch was going…then I added a little too much paint, overworked it a bit too much…then I wasn’t pleased with it at all! Anyway a while back I was nominated by @angelaloberan for the #paintdemicartistchallenge – this is my 1/10 posts with that hashtag (the challenge is for 10 days to post any work created during the pandemic). I think I am supposed to invite fellow artists to do the same… but that will come later.


1502 – Back of new shelf

That’s not a very inspiring title I know…but it is what it is. We recently managed to squeeze a new shelf into our apartment – something a friend made from chunky scrap wood in Syria and that we acquired and brought home. I recently reassembled it and gave it a lick of varnish. This is a view from the back (it didn’t take long before the shelf filled with books and various stuff) – the shelf sort of divides the living room from the kitchen area.