#554 – Sole passenger

I am travelling for work to Hanoi again and took my usual late night flight. When I arrived at the gate there was only one other person there. Despite the uniformly drab design of the airport, I managed to find a bit of colour.


#551 – Tabletop

ACE.551-tabletop 171123-2-wm

Here is one of my evening paintings of random stuff on the dining table – I like using watercolour when it splashes around and behaves unexpectedly. But I also like to make marks and intensify bits of the painting with watercolour pencils.

PS I did this on my mums’s birthday…so it’s dedicated to her!


#548 – Graduates at the citadel

ACE.548-graduates at the citadel 171118-2-wm

So when it finally stopped raining yesterday I did some touristing and went to visit the Imperial Citadel. On Google it said it’s a nice quiet place and I thought it would be perfect for sketching. Instead it was heaving with hundreds of young graduates having their group and individual photos taken. It was still a very nice atmosphere though – this sketch, in one courtyards, is of a group posing…just before they threw their mortar boards up into the air.