1707 – Croc time

Why our toasted sandwich maker has ‘croc time’ written on it I don’t know. This is one of those kitchen gadgets that can end up rarely getting used – however we do use it fairly regularly, its great for making a quick lunch. Next to it is the base of my wife’s ‘nutri bullet’…another useful gadget…maybe we have to many!


1706 – What is this

This is a bit of a non-sketch – I just did it to satisfy my urge to sketch each day but I wasn’t really thinking too much and wasn’t too happy with the result. This device is something my wife uses every evening – you put some lotion on the head, which then spins round and gently massages your face. I have no idea what you call this thing….a face massager perhaps?


1705 – Crusher

Here is another simple sketch done in the evening. I could have called this “crushing it” – but I don’t think I am with this one. I have had this pestle and mortar since I lived in the UK…I think we now have a collection of several!


1704 – Pool tree car

Sunday was Zoom sketching day again with my online friend #TheArtofBeingPresent. I take our sessions as encouragement to get out of the house, at least as far as our common garden and swimming pool – though with the pandemic still raging here I’m not going any further. Anyway here is the sketch I did – another drawing of one of the swimming pools, done while I sat in the shade of a cabana.


1702 – Black boots

These are actually walking shoes – but boots came into my head when I was sketching. They are Columbia Omni Grip – nice and comfy and waterproof too. Sadly since I bought them we haven’t done a lot of walking…you’d think that walking in the mountains would be a pandemic safe thing to do but apparently most of the small day trek places are closed.


1701 – Spring cleaning (not)

I moved this cleaning stuff away from its normal place to avoid our new little kitten messing with them. I guess I should have been doing the spring cleaning that I promised to do – but instead I thought they would make a good sketch….while I was keeping our other cat company (as she is now in a grumpy mood having to deal with the new arrival).


1698 – New family member

We have invested in a new litter tray …a fancy thing called “lift to sift” or something – because we are getting a new Siamese kitten. I am pretty sure our current cat Tintin will be put out by the new arrival. We are calling the new one Captain Haddock. If you are a Tintin fan you will get that.