1171 – No turning

This is the entrance to the little development where my parents lived. Despite appearances it’s not that old (built maybe 25 years ago)…however visitors to Lavenham sometimes wander in to the close and take photographs thinking it’s as old as the rest of the village (parts of which are medieval)! As I was drawing this I noticed the telephone pole and cables and was reminded of the Philippines.


957 – Not the birthplace of Harry Potter

On my last full day in Lavenham I decided to go out and sketch something iconic in the village. This is the guildhall – a 16th century building. While I was sketching several tourists strolled past and I overheard one mention this as the birthplace of Harry Potter! Obviously as he is fictional it is not – but I think several buildings in Lavenham do feature in the films and scenes of Godric’s Hollow.


955 – Boxing Day

Slumped in front of the telly on Boxing Day I looked up and decided to sketch what I could see hanging from the ceiling – decorations hanging from the light fitting. My mum and dad have an enormous collection of Christmas frippery, so they tend to get hung all over the place.