1806 – Palms again

Last Sunday I was sketching again on Zoom with my friend @TheArtofBeingPresent. I had intended to include a pond in this sketch, which is just off the bottom of this page…but I ran out of space so I could include the palm tree. I am a bit late in posting this because of the backlog from our trip to El Nido.


1791 – Big leaves

Here is my first sketch from our little holiday in El Nido. I drew this sitting by the swimming pool – but as I draw pools so often I didn’t bother to include it. Next sketches will hopefully be down on the beach if the weather clears up (pretty rainy at the moment).


1756 – Bold tree

I’m still trying to get my foliage looking better and in this one I laid down the watercolour in more gradual stages, waiting for each layer to dry. I also used a tissue to get texture. I am not sure if it made much difference though. A few days after I drew this, some maintenance people started lopping lumps of this tree (pretty brutal pruning), so I am glad I captured it while it was in full bloom!


1753 – Trees and tower

On Sunday I was sketching outside with my friend on Zoom and I had decided to concentrate on trees. In the end as my wife was joining me to work, we found a table in the clubhouse with a view – rather than sit in the actual garden and roast. There was even a cool breeze where we sat. Although I stopped painting the trees earlier than I usually do, I still think I fiddled about with the foliage to much.


1704 – Pool tree car

Sunday was Zoom sketching day again with my online friend #TheArtofBeingPresent. I take our sessions as encouragement to get out of the house, at least as far as our common garden and swimming pool – though with the pandemic still raging here I’m not going any further. Anyway here is the sketch I did – another drawing of one of the swimming pools, done while I sat in the shade of a cabana.


1656 – Foliage

Here is the second sketch I did at Shambala Silang on our little day out. After a nice lunch and a wander around we sat in one of their ‘nooks’ – a wooden seat nestled in the greenery. This is the view we had while we sat and enjoyed a bit of nature.