1679 – Cutlery carefully

Here is another sketch done following a subject which my Mum suggested when we were talking on Skype the other day. She held up her fork and said sketch this – so the next day I sketched some of our cutlery. This is a set we were given for our wedding. For a change I drew this in pencil first before adding the ink…still managed to make the fork look a bit too curved though!


1677 – Back to smooth

Here is my first sketch in my new sketchbook (partially made…I often start sketching in it before I have glued the cover on). am trying out some new paper – Magnani Acquerello Portofino Hot-Pressed. It was pretty expensive but so far is very nice to draw on. This is our popcorn maker (technically it belongs to my wife) and a huge tub of decaffeinated coffee.


1676 – Over watering time

Here is a little sunny spot on our balcony. I water our plants every day with these two watering cans (the thing on the right is a red basket full of dead leaves)…it seems I over water them a bit. But then again in this climate (at this time of year) if I leave some (particularly the mint) for just a day, they wilt and look so forlorn!


1675 – Green to yellow

These bananas were completely green the day we bought them – then overnight they turned yellow, hence the title. I do love banana’s – chopped up in my cereal for breakfast and in a sandwich with peanut butter for lunch. I’d happily have peanut butter and banana sandwiches for lunch everyday…come to think of it that’s what I did most of the 7 years I lived in Cambodia!


1674 – Covid tool

I keep telling myself to set aside proper time to sketch rather than leaving it till late at night when I am tired. This one was done really late when I should have been in bed and I think it shows. Added to this was the difficulty I had in painting something which is basically colourless!


1673 – Tommy

The other day I asked my sister for ideas of what to draw and seeing that my mum was eating fish and chips at the time on our Skype call (it was a Friday after all), she suggested tomato sauce. For me thats a pretty essential ingredient to go with chips (french fries if you prefer). Here you can buy ketchup made with banana…it looks and tastes similar…but nope, I prefer Heinz…even if we call it Tommy Sauce.


1672 – Evening walk

I sketched these shoes (my wife’s) after we had an evening walk and while listening to a podcast by Adam Buxton – he was interviewing Torvill and Dean (famous UK skaters) and talking about how his dog Rosie is getting better. I do enjoy his podcasts – very easy going and pleasantly silly and amusing. Just what is needed during these difficult times.


1671 – Repository for junk

I’m not sure if repository is the right word, but this is the view of the couch in my little office space (formerly my daughters bedroom). We have been waiting for things to get back to normal (haha could be years!) before finding somewhere to responsibly dispose of some electrical kit (some speakers, our old TV and DVD player…wow who uses DVDs anymore?) and a printer. So my room has been used to pile all this stuff up.


1670 – Book pressing

I sketched this standing up while waiting for the rice to cook. This is the makeshift press I use to glue the cover to the font and back board of my homemade sketchbooks. To glue it to the actual signatures I use two clamps and some old pieces of shelf. I struggled with the perspective in this a little – the grey pestle and mortar is ok but the marble one is not quite right…I didn’t get the lovely colour of the marble right either.