1373 – Why does our cat love to sleep on freshly ironed clothes

Here is the sketch I did during a virtual meet-up with #KyusiSketchers on Sunday morning – with the theme ‘something alive’. Out cat spends most of her day asleep on the bed – preferably on someone’s clothes. I keep thinking that, as she is a house cat and never goes out, she is the best at handling this lockdown situation…because that’s what it’s like for her everyday…and it doesn’t bother her at all.


1372 – Cookie time at the end of the worktop

Sunday morning is sketching time and apparently it’s also cookie making time. I sketched the end of our cluttered worktop (that was originally designed to be a little breakfast bar, but which never happened) as my wife made peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. She also threw in some chia seeds which gave them a nice crunchy texture…yummy.


1370 – My bag

I wanted a bag like this for a long time – lovely supple Moroccan leather – and over a year ago was lucky enough to be able to buy one in Brighton. I’ve been meaning to sketch it for ages, but as it is kind of shapeless I thought it would be difficult…I was right! In the background on the table is a mask from Bhutan (which got broken recently) and a little jar of tiger balm…a cure for many ailments.


1369 – Dinner, not chopped

Here is another sketch in our kitchen of some veggies laid out ready for chopping up for dinner….I hope they are recognisable? They were roasted together with layers of cheese….yummy. My sister says vegetarian cooking requires too much chopping up…well I guess that is true, but I find the process therapeutic, if you are not in a hurry and especially if you have a lovely sharp knife!


1368 – Sketching spot

This is the spot where I usually sit to sketch – so for (a very slight) change, I sat somewhere else and sketched where I usually sit (actually slump) in the evenings. I used a bit more ink in this sketch than I normally do…the paper in my new sketchbook absorbs it quite quickly so I can add the watercolour without pausing and it doesn’t run.


1367 – Sketchwalk at home

On Sunday the #KyusiUrbanSketchers had a ‘virtual sketchwalk’ all drawing at home instead of meeting up. This is the drawing I did from our balcony (before it got roasting hot out there), looking towards another part of Acacia Estates called Rosewood. I think Rosewood is supposed to have a Chinese theme…ours has a Thai style…but it’s just the facade.


1366 – Dumplings tonight

This peculiar object (my second attempt at drawing it…and still not satisfied with the result) is a handy dumpling maker that my daughter bought my wife for Christmas. With pre-made wrappers and a big bamboo steamer, it makes dumpling making relatively easy. They were yummy too.


1365 – Say Yes Man!

I drew this one evening while watching “Yes man” – one of my favourite Jim Carrey films. Sometimes when things are all doom and gloom in the world, a little silliness and a good laugh are just what is needed. The sketch is of a book my wife is reading at the moment – with me lining up to read it next. Bill Bryson is a brilliant writer – always enlightening and often amusing.


1364 – Nobody likes to do the drying up

Like many sketchers at the moment I am unable to go out and draw, but there is still so much to draw around the house. In our little kitchen, over the course of the day, the worktop gradually gets eaten up by an ever growing precarious mountain of upturned pans, bowls, glasses and mugs. The drying up only gets done when we have run out of space!