1102 – Gon-ta nort

You can tell by this what I get up to some evenings – sketching and having a local beer. According to the label on the bottle, the name of this beer refers sailors travelling between islands and going to North Caicos (where there are fertile farm lands) to get fresh crab. Not sure how much sense that makes – but never mind the beer is nice!


1101 – Let’s try the after

I drew this one evening looking out of the window in my apartment. The title is from a new album by a band I love – Broken Social Scene – and I am getting excited because we are planning to see them play in the UK. It was trying hard to rain as I drew this – hence the stormy skies. Thank goodness it has been holding off enough for me to walk to and from my office.


1100 – Another shell

Here is an evening sketch of another shell that I found laying around in my Airbnb apartment. This one is a lot more complicated than the conch I drew the other day. Apparently this one is called a Giant Caribbean Triton Conch!


1097 – Just like home

When I drew this it was raining outside and humid. Outside is parked a black Honda Jazz – I could be at home! Without stating the obvious, that’s because we have a car just like this. Very kind of my landlady to let me use it on the weekend. On Friday at work the car park outside our office was like a lake.


1096 – Mangoes from Guatemala

The other day I bought mangoes…not the type I am used to in the Philippines, which are big and yellow. These ones are from Guatemala (relatively close to where I am I suppose) and red. They taste roughly the same – although these are more fibrous…I was picking mango fibres out of my teeth for hours after eating one!