#320 – Tree in garden


Here is the last sketch I had time to do in the Philippines before traveling. It’s taken me a long time to post this because of a poor internet connection. This is just a quick watercolour done in the shared garden at our place. Next sketches will be airports, as I am off to Lebanon again.


#318 – Blue lamp


I have missed a few days I think – but I’m sure I’ll make up the difference. Today I sat out in our common clubhouse to work and did this ink and watercolour sketch when I had finished reading about affordable housing in Viet Nam.


#316 – Immigration extension


Last Friday I had to pay a call to immigration in Makati to make my “Annual Report” – basically all foreigners with the equivalent of a green card, have to show up once a year and pay a small fee. The immigration office is poky, crowded and chaotic, but the process lasted just long enough for me to do a quick ink sketch.