72-2350 – Off to Camiguin

The morning after the debut of my grand-niece (not sure if that is the right term actually – the daughter … More

69-2255 – Profiles to Jeddah

Here is the second sketch I did before leaving Manila – this time at the gate waiting for the plane. … More

69-2254 – Snacking in terminal 1

Here is my first sketch on our journey from Manila to Manchester, where we are spending Christmas. This was done … More

68-2242 – Cargo waiting time

Here is a sketch I did yesterday, while waiting for my wife in the car park of the airport cargo … More

68-2214 – Brief moment at terminal 2

Today I picked up my wife from the airport. I arrived fairly early and parked, which I don’t normally do … More

2177 – Early morning

After picking up our eldest daughter on Tuesday night, before she barely had time to repack or get some sleep, … More