1215 – Turtle creek marina

Another day sketching at a marina – this time a place called Turtle Creek. I tried to squeeze in two boats in this and somehow got a bit mixed up with the perspective – too ambitious perhaps. Before I began sketching though, I had to find a shady spot as it was super hot out there.


1214 – Day off

I was having a lazy day off on Friday – because its national youth day (a day to celebrate and honour the youth of TCI). I celebrated by having a swim, sketching and lazing by the pool, reading a book and with a beer of course.


1213 – Plastic flowers

Last Thursday I thought I was going to fall asleep, but then I remembered I wanted to sketch these flowers. Also a commenter on Facebook reminded me that this is a daily journal…so I can’t keep missing days – even if I did have an exhausting day stretching my mind around statistics and regression analysis! In case its not clear the flowers are reflected in both a mirror and the table.


1209 – Caicos dream

After sitting on the edge of the jetty for my previous sketch (you can see the boat I drew on the far left), getting bitten by mosquitos and always in danger of dropping my kit into the sea, I found a concrete bench to sit at for this second sketch in Blue Haven Marina. Just as I was finishing this heavy clouds came over – a big hint that it was time go pack up and go home before getting soaked.


1208 – Blue haven marina

Just had to get out to sketch on Sunday despite the possibility of roasting in the sun or getting soaked in a storm. As it was the weather was fine. The Turks and Caicos Islands have beautiful beaches and is also popular with boat owners, so I thought seeking out a marina to sketch at would be fun. It was so quiet at this spot that the noisiest thing where I sat were the shoals of big fish splashing around below.


1207 – Busy kitchen

I thought I was about to fall asleep last Friday evening – but then my landlord came round with a new TV because the old one was broken. That woke me up…so I tested out the new TV and watched Interstellar and sketched as I sprawled on the couch. I think I should put a few things in cupboards?