1249 – Lunchtime date

I haven’t posted in a while because, surprise surprise, I’ve been travelling for work! Also several sketches were left half finished. This one was (half) done at a restaurant in Market Market! called Hap Chan, where my wife and I had lunch together before we both set off on work trips. It’s often a struggle to find a place that does decent vegetarian food in the Philippines – you even have to check that tofu dishes don’t have a sprinkling of pork – but this place had a limited but nice selection.


995 – Two people bowing

On Sunday we had lunch at Motto Motto (a Japanese restaurant in the Serendra/BGC high street area). The food was nice but a bit pricey and in tiny weeny portions. We sat outside because the AC inside was too cold and this was our view. My wife said these street lights look like two people bowing…I think they look like people hugging – I don’t know if they are supposed to be sculptures or just fancy lamp posts!


932 – Pizza Express

Here is a quick sketch done at Pizza Express while waiting for our lunch/dinner after an afternoon of pushing my mother around Freeport-Braintree – an outside shopping mall of supposedly discount factory outlet shops. I only had a short moment to draw the huge lampshade – the pizza came quickly!


891 – Tiny house at pizza family

I didn’t have time to sketch in Hanoi because I arrived at 2am and then left after lunch. I didn’t even have time to sketch at the airport because the queues were so long I had to run to make sure I didn’t miss the flight. After checking in to my hotel in Da Nang I wandered around a bit and found a little place called “pizza family”. When I was sketching (waiting for my dinner), I noticed that in the pot of the plant on the desk are two tiny weeny little houses! It’s corny but sketching helps me see more!


693 – Three chandeliers

Here is another dinner time sketch at the Warak Enab restaurant near the Bristol hotel in Amman. Instead of the multiple lampshades this time I drew the connecting openings between the rooms….where there is a chandelier (and a TV) hanging in each space.