1242 – Couple and child

I think I have officially given up on #Inktober prompts – just too many other things to sketch. Here is one done at a Starbucks cafe in Greenhills shopping center …while I was waiting for my laptop to be repaired (the repair place tried to get me to replacing the hard drive which they said was failing…but somehow I think it was a con). A bit more scribbly and inkier than usual.


1113 – Been here before

On Saturday I took a break from doing our weekly shopping at Starbucks in the Fully Booked bookshop in Global City. As I sat down I realised I have sat (and sketched) in the exact same spot before…but that didn’t stop me drawing the same scene again…this time with a different person sitting on the balcony of course.


1082 – Watching planes

You may be able to tell from this that I am travelling – off to the Turks and Caicos Islands again for work. As usual I took the opportunity of the wait at the airport (NAIA Terminal 1) to sketch – just a couple sitting in the corner at Starbucks watching the planes take off and land.


1077 – Tarsier through the glass

This drawing was done last week when I was out shopping with my daughter. We stopped in Starbucks for a break and this was the view I had out the window. I’ve drawn this tarsier sculpture by Jeffrey Figueras before (on 16-Nov last year) – the tarsier is something in between a lemur and a monkey. The sculpture is obscured by a staircase going up to part of the mall and in the background you can see some of apartments (a development called Serendra) in Global City.


1028 – Introducing cascara macchiato frappuccino

I like to drink coffee at Starbucks – just boring cappuccino. I’ve never got into drinking all the oddities they sell with whipped cream and sprinkles on top. We were given a free sample of something like this when we sat down – it tasted nothing like coffee at all! I sketched this while killing time and waiting in Greenhills (a shoppers paradise of endless malls and little shops) for my wife’s phone to be repaired.


999 – Trees and little details

Here is another sketch outside the coffee shop done during last week. Beneath the umbrellas there was a lone guy staring at his phone. In the background I could see bits and pieces of signs, the back of billboards and buildings under construction.

Seeing this is the last sketch in my Goldline sketchbook, its appropriate that the first in my new one will be number 1000!


988 – Meeting of phones

Last Saturday I was in Starbucks again waiting for my daughter to finish her gymnastics class. This groups of young men seemed to be having a meeting but most of the time they were staring at their phones rather than actually talking. Maybe I am old fashioned but I find the amount of time people spend staring at their phones (even when there is someone next to them ready to chat) disturbing. As ever my attempt to sketch the logo of Starbucks went a bit wrong somewhere!


973 – Starbucks in a cave

Here is another very quick sketch I did when I spent all day at the Bureau of Immigration. This branch of Starbucks seems to be built into the fortifications of the old city – in a long stone-vaulted space, a bit like a bomb shelter. I sketched this in just 10 minutes and added the colour at home.