946 – Two horses by the fire

Over last weekend I went down to the west of the UK to visit some friends. The weather was really foul on Saturday – blowing a gale, rainy and cold. So instead of going out we sat by the fire, watched Strictly Come Dancing, ate dinner and drank G&T’s. Of course I didn’t concentrate on Strictly but sketched instead. My friends have two horses stabled nearby, but in this drawing you can see the legs of some cast metal ones.



  1. I really like the composition of this one. Sometimes a square format is difficult to arrange but you did a very good job on this. And it’s very evocative of “winter indoors”. I just cleared 5 inches of new snow with the snow blower. We had an early winter in Vermont and there’s much more to come. Happy New Year!

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    1. Thanks very much Jeff…Yes I was pleased how this one really felt like winter indoors! I live in the Philippines (I was just visiting the UK) and in some ways I miss the changes in the seasons…even if it was super cold while I was on my little holiday!


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