2024 – The things we do for our cat

We bought our cat this water fountain – the idea being that there is a constant re-circulation, filtration and trickle of water, that cats prefer to drink compared to still water. Of course he is not interested in it at all and still prefers to drink water that spills on the floor when we water the plants! So now we just have this little fountain the corner of the living room, with a constant sound of trickling water, that makes you feel like you need to pee!



  1. LOL… Our cat is named Flower Child (the shelter gave her the name before we adopted her) and we bought her the exact same “Flower Fountain”. I have it here in the art studio beside my desk, and I find it very relaxing to listen to. Flower likes it, too. She enjoys drinking from it. Funny how cats are so particular and so different in their likes and dislikes.

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  2. My cat played a real mind game when I bought one of these. He used it for a few weeks, then shunned it. Instead he let me know he preferred to drink from the faucet in the sink in my studio. When the faucet started leaking there we had to shut it down but he wouldn’t drink from a bowl. So I made a tiny hole in a plastic cup and held it aloft over the studio sink to emulate the trickling water from the tap. In the week that it took my husband to take on the sink repair, the cat grew to love the trickling water from a cup trick that he prefers it to the trickling water from the studio sink tap.
    I love this cat and he has me well trained.

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