1200 – Prepare yourself for boarding

First page in a newly made sketchbook. This time I am testing out “Paint-on multi-techniques 250g/m2” paper made by Claire Fontaine. The guy at the shop where I bought this (Denny Bros in Bury St. Edmunds…favourite shop) explained that watercolour paper is sized more carefully and thoroughly than cheaper multipurpose paper. That means you can work the surface more without pilling. I opted for the cheaper paper – because I wanted a smooth surface and a weight of 250 so I can make it/fold it into a sketchbook (other hot press paper only seems to come in 300gms – more like card than paper!). Anyway lets see how it works. This sketch is of the departure area in the airport (terminal 1) in Manila – as always super crowded and not enough seats. In this terminal you end up having your bags checked by security 3 times…phew!


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