1825 – Overcrowded shelf

I am lucky that our house is full of stuff (our daughters would call it junk)…it gives me lots of subject matter for sketching when I don’t have time to go outside (or because I can’t because of the pandemic). On this shelf (less than half of it actually) there are jars of vitamins, hand sanitiser, a candle in a jar, face-shields (freebies from our recent little holiday), a box of old Christmas cards, cat treats, a tin with a computer cleaning kit….and a shoe box, the contents of which have slipped my mind!



  1. As part of my summer drawing practice, I’ve been sketching odd objects around the house. Each time I do, I think of you and your incredible art. You’ve been such an inspiration for me, showing me that even the everyday things we have around us can become fascinating subjects. I’m nowhere near as proficient as you, but I just keep trying. 🙂

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