1162 – Rainy day

Before coming to TCI this time around I bought some galoshes…or what the packet says are “stylish rainshoe covers”. Stylish they are not – I look like an idiot with black plastic bags on my feet. However they did work when it rained heavily the other day and I had to almost wade into work – the paths and roads round here flood very quickly. Crossing the road is like fording a river. I also wore my big green raincoat…and it was so sweaty I think I got wetter than I would have if I’d walked in the rain. So that was my trip to and from work last Wednesday!



  1. I really like this. Of course, I really like rainy days, and I remember so well my grandfather’s insistence on putting on galoshes. Your art really captures the feeling of a rainy day for me. Thank you so much for creating it and sharing it.

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