2080 – Desktop

This sketch was done while I was participating in a #UskManila talk on quick urban sketching techniques. We were trying out contour and blind sketching …but I was also doodling the things on my desktop at the same time. Hidden in the view of my iPad screen is a drawing of a polar bear done by staring at a picture for 1 minute and trying to recall it.



  1. I too have become really interested in drawing from memory. It’s fascinating to look at something and then test yourself about how much you can remember. It’s another skill to develop and one with lots of potential for invention since the memory drawing is as interesting for what it leaves out as for what it includes.

    Visual memory is rather fugitive. I found that my own visual memory is most durable for things I have already drawn. So, for example, if I draw something very thoroughly (especially if I do this a few times in sequence), then I soon after redraw the scene from memory some of what I recall consists of the gestures of the prior drawing(s). Thus some of the memory is not actually so much visual as much as it’s kinesthetic or procedural. There’s still a simplification of the image, but less so.

    I say draw! Whether from life, from memory, from imagination. It’s all good. Life is sitting there hoping we’ll draw it…

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