1145 – Rusty lighthouse

On Saturday I went for a long walk to visit the lighthouse at one end of Grand Turk. It took me a bit longer to get there than I expected (my colleague told me it would only take 45 mins, but it took double that), so I didn’t stay too long, knowing that by the time I got back into town it would be close to noon….wow it was hot! There were bus loads of tourists there but they all headed off to go on a zip line and I got to sketch in peace and quiet.



      1. I really should get out and sketch more often. I know it would really help me improve my drawing skills. Your sketches are always so fun to see. Maybe when autumn comes and our weather cools down a bit, I’ll get back into the habit of sketching outdoors. I’m not good at all in urban settings, but I do enjoy sketching at our local parks. You’re an inspiration to me. 🙂

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      2. I do find that sketching, even the simplest thing, each day helps me improve my abilities. It’s super hot here (in Turks and Caicos)…so unless I can find a good bit of shade I think I am going to be sketching indoors for a few days!

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      3. We’re having a heat wave here in the middle of the US. Temperatures will be around 100 degrees Fahrenheit (around 37 degrees Celsius) for the next 10-14 days. Not a fun time to be doing much outdoors!

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