70-2297 – Sun on David Bowie

This sketch has been sitting in my sketchbook a while, because I didn’t finish it on the spot. I drew this at the “Oh My Gulay” restaurant in Baguio – which has a fantastic atmosphere (one blogger described as finding a magical fairytale house in the forest), with a multi-level interior built organically out of driftwood. I sketched here before and I think I said then that Oh My Gulay is a Filipino way of saying OMG – but gulay means vegetables, so the food in this place is of course vegetarian. You’d never know it existed at the top of the La Azotea building on Session Road – but it seems they don’t need to advertise as it’s a famous place. They also have local artwork on the walls (all of which is for sale) and my sketch included what appeared to be a homage to David Bowie…though I didn’t look close enough to see the name of the artist…I was too busy sketching and eating!


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