67-2200 – Watching the leaves

Here is another view in the garden of Balai Banahaw where we stayed over the weekend. The leaves of this beautiful plant (I looked it up but can’t find out what it is, maybe it’s some kind of banana bush?) changed colour as they waved in the wind and as the sun struck them. I picked the title because just before this I was looking at an article about David Hockney’s latest digital painting called “looking at the flowers”…wonderful.



  1. Enjoy your art work and stories. Saw David Hockney’s iPad exhibit several years ago in San Francisco. Amazing. If you do not already know two suggestions that might help you identify plants. If you can take a picture of a plant and have an iPhone tapping on the circled i with stars at the bottom of the photo may hopefully ID the plant. (Android phones may have same capability) You could also try the iNaturalist app or website. Good luck and thanks for your drawings.

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