2149 – Delayed again

This is the second sketch I did while travelling to Sri Lanka. My flight included a stop in Singapore, where I ran across the airport (and took a ‘sky train’) to get to the right terminal and gate (because my PAL flight from Manila was delayed)…only to find the flight heading to Colombo was also delayed! I was also told there in a very off hand manner that my luggage had not arrived and all I could do was report it when I arrived in Sri Lanka…they were very casual and unhelpful as though it was no big deal. Thankfully moments before boarding I was told that it had been found. This un-finished sketch was done in between all that fun!



  1. Oh this brings back bad memories of business travel.

    Tight connection at o’hare, a mad dash between distant arrival and departure gates….only to find my flight had departed ten minutes early!

    People wonder why travel has no appeal in my retirement years!

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