1503 – One I liked earlier

No doubt many sketchers suffer from this, but yesterday I was quite pleased with how my sketch was going…then I added a little too much paint, overworked it a bit too much…then I wasn’t pleased with it at all! Anyway a while back I was nominated by @angelaloberan for the #paintdemicartistchallenge – this is my 1/10 posts with that hashtag (the challenge is for 10 days to post any work created during the pandemic). I think I am supposed to invite fellow artists to do the same… but that will come later.



  1. I am enthusiastic about your art, your sketching and your way of seeing and depicting the world and the people.
    Deine Interpretationen zeigen mir soviel Gefühl, Emphatie und Können, dass ich mich freue, deinen Blog gefunden zu haben.
    Ich werde ganz bestimmt öfter hier vorbeikommen, deine Kunstwerke anschauen und mich an deinen Ideen erfreuen.
    Greetings from the beautiful Rhine-Highlands / Germany…
    🙂🦋❤🌺 🙂

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      1. Here i have translated my german words into english words – unfortunately i’m not perfect in english 😦
        “Your interpretations show me so much feeling, empathy and ability that I am happy to have found your blog.
        I will definitely come by here more often, look at your works of art and enjoy your ideas.”
        🙂🦋❤🌺 🙂

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