1423 – Sky in Bhutan

The #Melogallery #HomeboundSketching prompt for 18 May was “Sky”. Not wanting to sit out on our balcony in the heat, I drew this sketch of our living room wall. The two top framed pictures were taken in Bhutan by a friend – the one on the left has a bit of sky in it. At the bottom are family photos. The snake on top of the Sungka board is made from beer bottle caps – one of our old home-made/recycled advent gifts.



  1. Love it as always! Years back a few of the grandkids and I made snakes from buttons and long pipe cleaners, with foam heads and felt fangs. And then I have the little snake-like stick I painted with acrylics. He’s sitting out in the garden. When we moved here to the new house, there was a big limb on the ground, all curvy-looking. It’s at least a meter long. I can’t wait to get my hands on some paint and turn it into a BIG garden snake.

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