2073 – Peter and fountain

Here is my last sketch from the #UskManila sketchwalk last Saturday. A fellow sketcher (Peter), asked if he could sketch me, sketching…so I sketched him sketching me. This sketch didn’t work out for me though – somehow the fountain gets all muddled up with the background.



  1. Apologies if I asked this before, but do you do any sketching in pencil first? What would you recommend to someone who wanted to start urban sketching but lacks drawing confidence? Pencil or no pencil?

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    1. I draw straight away with indelible ink using a fountain pen. I think pencil is fine but if you have a tendency to erase and correct, it doesn’t encourage spontaneity. So I’d say no pencil. Even no ink just straight to watercolour if you are really feeling adventurous. Best thing is to join a USK group. It’s fun sketching with others and usually there are people of all levels and styles to learn from


      1. Thanks! The nearest USK is NYC, last time I looked,
        and we only go into town for brief trips to see our younger son. Covid still surging here, so that doesnt happen often. I did do some ink sketching from my car when I was always in my town center for physical therapy appointments last year.

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