1737 – Sketch in the dark

Late Friday afternoon I sat in our car for half an hour letting it tick over so the battery doesn’t go flat again. While waiting I sketched this view from the side window. Although the sketch doesn’t look that dark it got really gloomy down there (the car park is a half basement) after a while, so I added the rest of the colour from a photo. Everyone except us seems to be driving a huge 4-wheel drive boat.



  1. I love to draw in low light. But it’s tricky to portray the low light. When you’re in it, the drawing is also inside the same illumination. Times when I’ve done low light pictures I am surprised later at how bright they are. So those artists who do successfully portray the twilight, do they work from memory?

    Is that a Ford in the foreground? That emblem on the hatchback door looks exactly like the Ford door ornament and is perfectly out of focus, just as it really looks in when one glances round. Has a slight gleam.

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