12-0021 – Fruit bowl

ACE.021-fruit bowl 160422-2

Testing out some oil pastels which I haven’t used in years. I was more interested in drawing the bowl and the shadows of the fruit inside, than the fruit poking out the top.



  1. I love this….is this entirely done in oil pastel? I sometimes don’t like the look of the medium because it can look thick and flat to me but this is wonderful. I have been wanting to get a set and play around with them but I need to be convinced that I can get the feeling and dimension that I want, like what I see here in your painting.


    1. Hi Margaret. Thanks for your feedback. The drawing is done also with an ink wash (black fountain pen ink) and a dark pencil. I agree that oil pastels can be a bit flat. I had the urge to smudge as I was drawing (as I always do with chalk based pastels) but that didn’t work. All the same I was pleased with how it worked out – glad you liked it too!

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