2037 – Two pet hates

I am posting this ahead of my other sketches because today is International #EarthDay and I sketched this (whilst chatting with my friend @TheArtofBeingPresent) on the #Usk theme of “There is no planet B to draw”. This view encapsulates two of my pet hates – the first is that, despite there being regulations about it, people and the managers of the development where we live, don’t segregate their waste. It all goes into one bin, making the waste pickers job of segregating what can be recycled even more unpleasant. My second pet hate is SUV vehicles, which guzzle up so much fuel and are not really needed for normal city driving.



  1. In my neighborhood, many homes have 2 or 3 SUVs! I dont know how they afford the gasoline for their fleets, we own one suv and one Honda civic, using the suv only for long trips or shipping trips that wont fit in the civic.

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