Sketchbook 33: Feb-Mar 2019

Here is one of my little videos of my sketchbooks from last year. This sketchbook was a Hahnemuehle A5 with 200g/m2 paper – just lovely to use and one of my favourites.



  1. You are so talented! I just love looking at your work. It’s always so cheerful, so simple and ordinary in subject, yet so rich with detail and meaning. Every time I visit and see any of your sketches and paintings, I sigh and think, “Oh, I wish I could paint like that!” I’ll never have your gift, so fortunately I can come to your blog and see your sketchbooks. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing and for inspiring the rest of us.

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    1. Thank you so much Judith – a very kind message. I just keep bashing away at the sketching…for me it is about recording what is around me and I don’t need to create great art for that…thank goodness because I am usually dissatisfied with the results!

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      1. What a joy it must be to sit down and thumb through one of your sketchbooks each time one is finished. I’ve always admired artists who can use images to capture the moments of their lives in the way writers use words to hold on to memories. I am truly in absolute awe each time I see your drawings.

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