#394 – Smelly river

ACE.394-smelly river 170520-2-wm

This view is of what I think is MacArthur Bridge, over the Pasig River. Unfortunately the river really pongs, so after a few minutes we moved on, as the smell was a bit overpowering. I finished this off today with a few ink lines from my trust UniPin pen which I find will draw on anything. I used a water-soluble graphite pencil to do the initial drawing.



  1. hi Jonathan, i admire your sketches in plaza sta cruz, but what i envy is your courage, i’ve been wanting to sketch in that area for years now, but due to the noise, dust, smoke & the stink, i figured i wouldn’t enjoy it, but after seeing your sketches, hmmm, makes me think again…

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    1. Thanks so much! Yeah I was a bit nervous sketching in that area – actually because of pickpockets! It’s a bit difficult to keep an eye on your stuff when you are focused in sketching. It turned out fine though – and of course it helps being in a group.


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