#427 – Life drawing/urban sketch

ACE.427-life drawing urban sketch 170624-2-wm

This is the last drawing I did at the LifeDrawingSetup classes last Saturday (I’ll post some of the life drawings themselves when I’ve taken pictures of them). By this point in the evening I’d run out of energy (having travelled from Ho Chi Minh that morning) and I couldn’t see the model very well either – so I just doodled this for fun. It gives you and idea of how popular the classes are – and how crowded!


#394 – Smelly river

ACE.394-smelly river 170520-2-wm

This view is of what I think is MacArthur Bridge, over the Pasig River. Unfortunately the river really pongs, so after a few minutes we moved on, as the smell was a bit overpowering. I finished this off today with a few ink lines from my trust UniPin pen which I find will draw on anything. I used a water-soluble graphite pencil to do the initial drawing.


#393 – Church window

ACE.393-church window 170520-2-wm

Today I am posting my last three sketches from my sketch-walk with ‘TheLifeDrawingSetup’ group last Saturday. This is stained glass window in Sta. Cruz Church, that overlooks the plaza – and a group of little stands selling drinks and snacks. I didn’t have time to finish this on site and added most of the colour at home from a photo.