02-115 – Writing letters with socks on

Here is another one from my archives. This sketch of two of my friends was done when we were in Pembrokeshire on a little holiday, staying in a Youth Hostel. I’ve always struggled sketching faces – Karen (on the right turned out okay), but my attempt at sketching Emma’s face, on the left, was a bit of a disaster.



  1. Drawing is often hit or miss. We are more aware of faces and notice the mistakes more easily (“Mistake” being in this case some departure from the actual subject.) It’s good to draw faces anyway. The more you draw faces, the more hits there will be. Also — once removed from context even the misses can be really interesting, even wonderful. Taking this drawing as something stand-alone (without reference to the subjects) that failed portion has a powerful element to it. Perhaps it’s not the mood you sought, but as an expression of — let’s say, anxiety — it’s a very expressive drawing. Thus, sometimes the process of drawing brings us things we weren’t actually looking for but which connect us to aspects of life nonetheless. I think this is an intriguing drawing.

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