1915 – Spelling

These days I drink mostly soy milk rather than cows milk – however we sometimes have trouble buying soy milk that doesn’t have added sugar or flavours. This is one of the brands that is OK. I made a couple of mistakes in the lettering on this one – I ran out of space on the dark side and forgot one letter on the other! Its SoyFresh not SoyFesh or SoyFreh!



  1. Nice. I can’t get that brand where I live. My main soy drink I discovered came with more fat than whole cow’s milk and twice the sugar! I’ve found better alternatives. Also like almond milk, and oat milk’s OK. I’m fond of the black sesame soy milk. I’ve tried pistachio milk, and several other kinds.

    Funny, when I stopped drinking milk people thought I was missing out, cutting something out of my diet options. But then it opens one up to so many other options.

    Anyways, nice painting. Love me some green!

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    1. I don’t think I’ve ever tried almond milk. But I have had oat milk when in the Caribbean and it was great. Here it is way too expensive. I do agree with you about people thinking I am missing out. Maybe one day I’ve get to try the black sesame soy milk – sounds interesting!

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