#276 – Apostrophe Cafe


Sketching at the airport again – on my way home to the Philippines. I decided to post this while I am still at the airport for a change…seeing that I have a long wait and that I’ll be travelling for another day before I get back! I did this quick sketch using a UniPin pen and watercolour.


#260 -Gate B30 queue


Here is another ink sketch (using a UniPin pen) on route from Lebanon to the Philippines – this one was done at Dubai airport just as people were boarding the plane. There was no queue really – just a great crush to get on board, so I waited for the worst to be over.


Day 238 – Terminal 3 sleeper


Although I haven’t been posting recently, I have been drawing every day. I’m traveling for work (in Lebanon) so haven’t had much chance to scan and share. Anyway this sketch was done on the day I left. I only realized someone was sleeping on the seats when I got into the drawing (which I couldn’t finish because we were called for boarding). This was just done with a UniPin pen.



Day 234 – Home from school


When my daughters come home from school it’s my favourite time of day – not only because I love them, but because I can draw them! Our eldest, Louisa, is exhausted every day and usually has a nap on the couch before beginning homework, so I drew her again today using a UniPin pen and watercolour.