1392 – Sunday morning deal

The deal with my daughter was that I would be allowed to draw her again (several of my previous attempts haven’t been that complimentary I suppose) if I would let her snooze on the couch through most of the morning. This is the result of the deal. Her hair looks like it was standing on end in this sketch…in reality her ‘just got out of bed’ hair doesn’t look that bad!


1390 – Waiting at the side

Yesterday I escaped from the house again…to go to the supermarket! Exciting times. Like last time I went there an hour and a half before they opened, and was in the first batch (of 100) to be allowed in. I took the opportunity to do this quick sketch while waiting…I don’t think they noticed me drawing them.


1107 – Mum at Laxfield

Here is a quick sketch I did of my mum at Laxfield House – the nursing home she is temporarily staying in. Laxfield is in Brent Eleigh which is near Monks Eleigh where my sister lives. My brother-in-law told me that ‘Brent’ means burnt and the names of the two nearby villages refer to two brothers…one of whom befriended monks and the other who was burnt? I’ve probably got that wrong because I can’t find that story when I google it.


939 – Another movie night

Here is one of my parents watching the TV. They don’t think much of it and said that “it’s awful”. Well, I admit that the sketch of my mum looks pretty dire and it doesn’t look like them very much, but I am trying! My other excuse is that it was done very quickly.