992 – Waiting turn

Here is another of my “watching my daughter at gymnastics” sketches. Just for a change she actually appears in this one, waiting her turn to a “back hip circle” on the uneven bars. Just a simple doodle – I liked the angles and shapes the bars and wires formed.


877 – The chair is there for Gordon

The title of this might seem a bit odd, but as I was sketching the chair to the right I was thinking of my friend Gordon Rice who passed away several years ago. He was a friend of my parents as well but him and I used to visit art exhibitions in London and attended several summer painting classes together. I once showed him a sketch with a chair just like the one in this sketch, that was hanging up on a wall – and he marvelled at the interesting things I always find to draw. I miss him.


869 – Poster girls

So today I was at my daughters gym class and of course had time to kill. Thinking I should draw some of the gymnasts for a change, I spotted some posters and decided to draw them (with all the other gym equipment around) … much easier because they don’t move around!


#586 – Crowded gym class

Yesterday it was very crowded at Kelly’s gym class…without even any elbow room on the bleachers where the ‘watchers’ sit. I only had a few moments close to the end, when some people went home, to sketch this. I think I need to practice drawing feet! As always the traffic on the road going to and from the class in a Grab taxi was terrible. Kelly was unwell too…a tiring evening.