68-2220 – Orchids

I’ve missed a few days sketching because I have been unwell with a bad cold. However here is one I … More

68-2219 – Sunrise at memorial park

I spent last night at the memorial park where my wife’s parents are buried. It’s All Souls’ Day today and … More

68-2218 – Waxing before rain

Here is another sketch from Sunday – this time done while we were getting our car washed. As we rarely … More

68-2217 – Just a number

Today we spent hours in the Globe Telecom shop at the local mall, sorting out my wife’s phone plan. Most … More

68-2214 – Brief moment at terminal 2

Today I picked up my wife from the airport. I arrived fairly early and parked, which I don’t normally do … More

68-2213 – Outside St. Luke’s before it rained

Here is another city sketch. After I visited my doctor for a check up today (all is well), I went … More