1171 – No turning

This is the entrance to the little development where my parents lived. Despite appearances it’s not that old (built maybe 25 years ago)…however visitors to Lavenham sometimes wander in to the close and take photographs thinking it’s as old as the rest of the village (parts of which are medieval)! As I was drawing this I noticed the telephone pole and cables and was reminded of the Philippines.



  1. Just curious… how long does it take for you to complete each of these little art works? I’m guessing you first sketch in pencil, then do ink over the pencil? And then you add watercolor? Your sketches are so inspiring to me! I’d like to try something similar — at least once or twice — so knowing a little about the your process would help me a lot. 🙂 As always, I love this drawing. You have such a good eye for capturing just the right view.

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    1. Hi Judith. Each one takes 30-45 minutes – sometimes a lot less if I am in a hurry. No I don’t use pencil – I go straight into the ink and then add watercolour. I use water-fast ink so it doesn’t run…though it does sometimes depending on the paper I am using. Glad you like them anyway – feedback and comments are always encouraging!


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